Make your Home Feel Modern and Rustic- at the Same Time!

June 16, 2016


The Modern (Industrial)-Rustic Housing Style


A custom built home of ours that is modern and rustic.


If you appreciate the beauty of a warm log home, then you’ll love the Modern-Rustic housing style. At Spectrum Construction in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, we’re personally fans of this interior design because it pairs really well with our custom-built log homes. But even if your home is not made of logs, you can incorporate modern and rustic charm into your home! It involves a unique blend of real wood furnishings with barn or warehouse lighting, metal elements, and modern home appliances. Clean lines are key to incorporating the stainless steel into the cabin-like appearance of the home. The design is all encompassing. Everything that is a part of the house, down to the silverware, is a part of what makes the Modern or Industrial-Rustic look so beautiful. We’ve put together some tips to give your own home some of this flair!



Thanks to the weathered and soft clean lines of wood, you can’t get more rustic than a log cabin! Becky Harris at Houzz explains, “You (almost) cannot have too much wood. You can use wood from floor to cabinets to ceiling, just be sure to break it up a little with countertops and a backsplash of a different material.” The look of the old high school green soapstone lab table is very popular right now. Use decorative pieces with pops of color to break up the wood in your home, or large swaths of solid colors to create space and contrast between wood features.



Don’t live in a log home? No fear, you too can incorporate wood into your home to achieve the Modern-Rustic style. Harris suggests featuring reclaimed wood as a kitchen countertop, but you can also add smaller contributions of rustic wood like old wood tables and vintage mismatched wooden chairs. Remember that the more worn or used the wood in your home looks, the more it contributes to the warm cozy feel that makes the Modern-Rustic look does so well!




To capture the Modern-Rustic look, some people think that this will mean sacrificing the quality of light in their home. The good news is that the modern component of this style means that the options for creative lighting are only more numerous, and are up to your stylistic interpretation. Harris suggests using light fixtures that fit with the style such as barn lighting, which includes gooseneck pendants or other rustic lighting made modern, or integrating windows to shine more light on the warm features of your home. In short, any kind of lighting that alludes to weathered, vintage charm that has been updated with the modern appeal will give your home the crisp and worn look that makes the Modern-Rustic look so attractive.


A custom built log home of ours, featuring Modern and Industrial lighting elements.


Vintage Elements

The Modern-Rustic look is tied together with vintage elements. Lisa Frederick of Houzz explains that the vintage element is essential because “rustic interiors have a sense of connection to the past that’s hard to resist. They feel honest and unstudied and evoke a simpler time. Because they celebrate the art of repurposing, they provide a wonderful showcase for ingenuity.” She goes on to say, “Found objects are key: old pails turned into sinks, wire baskets transformed into light fixtures, wooden crates reimagined as stair treads. It’s less about whimsy than about creating a sense of invention by necessity.” The best part of the Modern-Rustic look is the ability to weave the old with new and create something that is entirely unique and resourceful. The more innovative you get, the more original the pieces in your home will be.
Featured in one of our homes: The perfect addition for vintage charm!


n one of our custom built homes, this vintage clock is the perfect vintage touch to this rustic home.


Regardless of your home, the Modern-Rustic style can be incorporated successfully to make your living space crisp, well worn, and cozy. But if you are considering the ultimate modern and rustic retreat, consider working with us to build you a custom log home! At Spectrum Construction in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, whether you are planning your dream log home or a custom traditional construction home, we can turn your dream into a reality. Contact us today to get started!