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4 Reasons for Building an Addition to Your Home

January 28, 2019

  A home addition is an excellent way to add space to the home you already own. Moving is tedious, and finding another home is not always easy. Plus, an addition can actually increase the value of your home if/when you decide to sell. Spectrum Construction works with closely with clients to remodel their existing […]

Constructing Your Log Home on a Slope

September 26, 2017

Many log homes have been successfully constructed on slopes. While the idea of building on a slope sounds difficult or complex, the advantages most certainly outweigh the challenges. Consider the breathtaking views and natural lighting that come with building your log home on a slope. These are only a couple of the benefits you’ll experience. […]

Windows in High Elevation – Making sure that your windows are compatible with elevations above 5,000 ft.

October 26, 2016

Understanding the Challenges Posed by High Elevation   Living in the Colorado mountains comes with countless benefits: million-dollar views, fresh mountain air, and access to tons of outdoor activities (among other things!). If you’ve lived here for a while, living and traveling in areas of high elevation is pretty commonplace, but outsiders are often surprised […]

Make your Home Feel Modern and Rustic- at the Same Time!

June 16, 2016

  The Modern (Industrial)-Rustic Housing Style     If you appreciate the beauty of a warm log home, then you’ll love the Modern-Rustic housing style. At Spectrum Construction in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, we’re personally fans of this interior design because it pairs really well with our custom-built log homes. But even if your home is […]