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4 Reasons for Building an Addition to Your Home

January 28, 2019


A home addition is an excellent way to add space to the home you already own. Moving is tedious, and finding another home is not always easy. Plus, an addition can actually increase the value of your home if/when you decide to sell. Spectrum Construction works with closely with clients to remodel their existing homes, and provides professional building services year-round. In this article, we provide three different options for adding an addition to your home.


Add an extra room

Is you family growing? Or would you like an office space, storage room or workout area? A home addition can solve each of these missing aspects of your home. These kind of additions are also a great option for multi-purpose rooms so that you can utilize the space in more ways than one.


Increase the size of an already existing room

If you’re not content with the size of one of your home’s rooms, an addition is an excellent resolution. Living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are all great options for building an addition onto.


Create a space for entertainment

If you are constantly hosting people at your home, then an entertainment room addition is ideal. Your home addition can take the form of a dining room, game room or media room.


Build a deck or sunroom

A deck addition helps to maximize the space on the exterior of your home, and can serve as a place to relax and enjoy company in the warmer months.

A sunroom does wonders when it comes to increasing natural light in your home, which makes for a great room to relax or entertain in. This is a great option for the winter, as you can still bask in the sun from the comfort of your home.


home addition


When you’ve decided on what kind of addition you would like to add to your home, contact Spectrum Construction. We look forward to updating your home and helping you enjoy your living space even more.